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Talos History

In Greek mythology, Talos (Greek: Τάλως, Talōs) or Talon (Greek: Τάλων, Talōn) was described as a mythical bronze giant, the first robot in history, which protected Europa in Minoan Crete from pirates and invaders.

Talos is one of the best-loved legendary characters in the ancient world and one of the most important Greek myths. Talos was created by Hephaestus the Greek god of fire & iron, with the aid of the Cyclops. He was then given to King Minoa and, according to Plato, was tasked with defending Crete from invaders by circling the island three times daily.

There are no traces of walls protecting cities in Crete and this eventually led Evans, the excavator of Knossos, to speak of the famous Minoan peace, the “Pax Minoica”.

The bronze hero Talos, symbolizes technological development in the field of metalworking in prehistoric and Minoan times.


Talos Defense Systems Today


TALOS Defense Systems Ltd., was founded in 2010, in Heraklion, Crete and aims to provide comprehensive quality defense systems for MIL/LEO as well as commercial users such as athletes and hobbyists. In 2014, the company expanded by opening offices in Athens. After many years of experience in the field we have the unique opportunity to work with leading companies in the industry, globally, and provide the latest technology to our customers, as it is evolving.

The continuous supply of specialized, high quality, products and services, is a strategic orientation of our company. The continuous strive to maintain and strengthen our customer satisfaction is our daily concern and what drives our passion.

We are aware that many of the solutions we offer are for professionals. For this reason, we give great importance to the quality and performance of the products as well as the suppliers we represent. We work with specialized teams and partners who thoroughly test the products to make sure they perform exactly as per manufacturer requirements and corresponding to certification standards. The quality and performance part of the company's DNA and this is reflected through our levels down to our motto: "NO Less, Than The Best".

 At Talos Defense Systems you will find specialized solutions from factory as well as custom products. It doesn't matter if you are a Hobby shooter or a member of a special forces team, we will find the solution to your need.

Law Enforcement and Military can enjoy special deals at TALOS Defense Systems, as we support the great work they do for all of us. Contact us for details.

Talos Defense Systems LTD
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