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Timney Triggers

Timney Triggers has been building the worlds finest triggers since 1946. The company's aim as one of the oldest and largest trigger manufacturers in the world, as well as being a family owned business for two generations, is to provide you with a lifetime of accurate shooting by manufacturing the very best quality precision trigger.
Product Code: ALPHAGLOCK5
Even though there's a lot to like about the Gen 5 Glock, one thing that could be improved is the trigger. However, many aftermarket triggers don't give you a guarantee on maintaining the reliability of your go-to handgun, but Timney Triggers designed its Alpha Trigger with reliability and safet..
Product Code: ALPHAGLOCK34
This Timney Alpha Trigger has been purpose-built to give you an enhanced trigger without sacrificing any of the reliability, safety or durability built into your gun. Each Timney Alpha Trigger is purposely designed to maintain the legendary reliability and safety of the Glock operating system, ..
Product Code: DH3
Daniel Horner and Timney’s engineers set out to create not only the ultimate AR-style trigger to the exact specifications of the best multi-gun shooter in the world, but a trigger that can withstand a lifetime of competition.  A self-contained, 100% drop-in, adjustable trigger ready to install for ..
Product Code: 081950254675
TIMNEY ALPHA COMPETITION SERIES FOR SMITH & WESSON M&P Three-pound pull weight* (slightly higher pull weight for original M&P Gen 1 models)  Crisp trigger break Teflon nickel (NP3) – sear and safety plunger (this process virtually eliminates friction, allowing for an extremely smooth feel)  St..
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