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Ventus Respiratory

Ventus Respiratory Technologies is Veteran-run and owned company and is leading a new standard for respiratory protection for law enforcement, armed forces, and first responders.

Product Code: TR2-RSP01-03
Today’s special operations forces understand the importance of protecting their lungs but they cannot afford to compromise their ability to perform effectively. This is the foundation upon which the TR2 was designed. By offering a low-profile design that’s easy to don and integrates seamlessly ..
Product Code: TR2-STPACC-04
The TR2 Helmet Strap has been designed to easily integrate the TR2 Respirator into existing helmet rail systemsBuilt-in flex zone allow for improved comfort and head articulationsQuick release buckles on right and left sideEasy replace your head straps with helmet strap systemO2 adaptor fits in..
Product Code: TR2-FIL3-03
The new P2-02 filter offers key improvements compared to TR2 Filter (Gen1):Approved for use against oil-based contaminantsThe CE-Certified P2-02 filter is effective and approved for use against both solid (non-oil) particulates as well as oil-based particulates in accordance with the requirements of..
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