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B5 Systems

B5 Systems is an industry leader in rifle accessories, forging a path in the defense industry since 2008. We specialize in producing quality products and constant innovation to interrupt a comfortable market. We take pride in our support of the U.S. Miitary, firearm manufacturers, and the armed citizen.

Brand: B5 Systems
Product Code: BRV-1082
Building upon the success of the B5 Systems Enhanced SOPMOD, B5 has taken the features end users demand; offering them in a lighter, more compact, and stronger buttstock. The Bravo stock maintains the SOPMOD cheek weld, one piece anti-rotation quick disconnect sling mount, non-slip cushioned buttpad..
Brand: B5 Systems
Product Code: PGR-1122
The B5 Systems Type 22 P-Grip offers an increased vertical grip angle to improve ergonomics and ensure proper trigger index. The lack of a backstrap places the hand higher on the grip for maximum engagement. FEATURESAggressive texture for increased retention13° grip angle for comfortable precis..
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