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S&S Precision

S&S Precision is a small veteran owned U.S. business that was formed in 2007. We focus on product development and design while providing leading edge solutions for Military Units, Federal Government and Law Enforcement Professionals. Over the years, S&S Precision has grown its manufacturing and design capabilities to meet the needs of the specialized military and police units that it services. To do this, the company assembled an amazing team comprised of a top-notch engineering staff, skilled machinists and fabricators, detailed production supervisory staff, a passionate admistrative and accounting staff, and not to mention, energetic production and assembly teams. Quality assurance and attention to the smallest detail is what we demand of our employees and their work ethic and high productivity rate is the result. For over a decade, S&S Precision has been delivering equipment and goods to Military, Federal Government and Law Enforcement units around the world.
Brand: S&S Precision
Product Code: MS-00-
The Manta Strobe™ is a helmet mounted multi-spectrum light emitter optimized for Military Operations.  Our goal is clear; keep it simple for the end user, provide the highest level of performance through “Select” Electronic components combined with smart programming for highest output and ..
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