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Payment Options

For the purchase of Merchandise, Talos Defense Systems LTD (Company) accepts payments with

  1. Credit / Debit cards
  2. Digital wallets (VIVA Wallet, GPAY, APPLE PAY, PAY PAL, etc.).
  3. Deposit to a bank account.
  4. Exclusively for the purchase of Merchandise WITHIN Greece, the Company also accepts payments by cash on delivery

For cases 1 and 2, payments are processed through the VIVA WALLET banking institution. If Viva Wallet payment is selected as payment method, you can send your payments online using one of the provided payment methods such as credit card, debit card, prepaid card, DIAS/IRIS systems as well as the digital wallet of your choice .

When you select Viva Wallet as a payment method, you go to the official website of Viva Wallet, through which you make your payment. The Viva Wallet page can be viewed in the language of your choice.

Your transactions are protected by the banking institution's security systems (VIVA WALLET), which guarantee a secure trading environment. In any case, the Company cannot guarantee that it can prevent the illegal use of information by unauthorized third parties. Also, the Company is not responsible for the failure to charge or hold amounts with a credit/debit card in the event of the fault of the service provider.

The Company, for security reasons, does not store any credit/debit card details for future use, so you must re-enter the details each time you wish to make a new purchase. By entering the required credit/debit card information, you expressly represent that you have the legal right to use your credit/debit card.

Please note that during the processing of the payment by the partner bank and until the confirmation of the successful completion of your transaction, please refrain from interrupting the processing of the transaction. The customer is responsible for the correct recording and truthfulness of the payment details that should belong to him.

If deposit to a bank account (only for Greece) is chosen as the payment method, then you will have to prepay your order (and any agreed costs, e.g. transport) in full and not in installments to one of the Company’s bank accounts that appear in the corresponding payment field, while setting as the reason for the deposit your name and your order number.

The order number will be indicated in the e-mail you will receive as soon as your order is registered together with the bank details. After confirmation of the deposit, the deposit proof should be sent to us by email.

If you choose cash on delivery as a payment method (only for Greece) you will have to pay the courier service upon delivery of your order.

Regardless of the payment method you choose, you can choose to issue either a retail receipt or an invoice. Invoices are issued to companies and freelancers, as long as they fill in the corresponding information requested during the order. Sales documents will be sent with your order.

Also, regardless of the payment method you choose, you are entitled to a refund if you decide to return the Merchandise in accordance with our returns policy.



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