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Brand: Crib Gogh
The Constrictor was developed with a spinal surgeon from the RCP (Royal College of Physicians) and complies with BS 13407-1999. All the rucksacks have a stress tolerance to exceed 100 kilos pay load. Designed to protect the spine and distribute weight correctly along the back, reducing wear and pro..
Brand: Crib Gogh
Product Code: CC-ANACONDA
Anaconda was developed with a spinal surgeon from the RCP (Royal College of Physicians) and complies with BS 13407-1999. All the rucksacks have a stress tolerance to exceed 100 kilos pay load. Designed to protect the spine and distribute weight correctly along the back, reducing wear and problems la..
Brand: Crib Gogh
Product Code: CC-ROGUE
The Rogue Bergen adds to our portfolio of rucksack systems that come with a genuine multifunctional and multi-operational capability. It has no  hook or loop in the system, yet allows the lid to be removed and convert into a grab bag. Mission specific needs mean that having load carriage that int..
Brand: Crib Gogh
Product Code: CC-TAPS
The Crib Gogh Range of Tactical Assault Packs are the most comprehensive range of load carriage that can and do enhance the Generic Soldier Architecture (GSA) and meets Def-Stan 2312, answering the needs and demands of the soldier and civil defence requirements in today’s various theatres of combat ..
Product Code: F102-GREEN
FEATURES F102 is a multi-function marker light which can fit in helmet, clothes and bag ,etc. Mainly used in various activities such as military training /action, outdoor sports, search and rescue, daily commuting ,etc. It will be to locate, identify and mark when using night vision or other equipm..
Brand: Surefire
Product Code: 084871315166
Permanent hearing loss is no joke. SureFire EP3 Sonic Defenders will protect your hearing against Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) without compromising your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations in noisy environments. Their double-flanged-stem provides a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 24..
Brand: Magpul
Product Code: MAG1015
The Magpul Patrol Gloves 2.0 are the next evolution of our popular Patrol Glove, with enhanced articulation at the palm and flexible knuckle panels for added tactility. They feature a lightweight construction with a premium leather palm and thumb panel for improved fit. The corded stretch nylon con..
Brand: Anorak
Product Code: PLT.
  OSMIUM® - HP.3.1002” Stand-Alone Hard Armor Plate Provides protection from multiple shots (at least 6 shots) of calibers 7.62x51mm M80 NATO BALL, 7.62x39mm Mild Steel Core AK47 KALASHNIKOV and 5.56x45mm M855/SS109, Stand-Alone, with the minimal weight of 1.740 grams.. “OSMIUM® - HP.3.1002” Stan..
Brand: TDS LTD
Product Code: JTG-SNP
Specially manufactured top quality flexible PVC patch in 3D. Size: diameter 75 mm Molded contour for shape Velcro hook side backing is stitched onto PVC for high durability and years of use Perfect to add a little edge to your patrol cap, boonie hat, Assault Pack, Fleece - Softshell or other j..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 56180
2-BANGER BAG 3L DETAILS A quick, convenient, and modular carryall sized for two AR magazines, the 2-Banger from 5.11 Tactical® keeps you locked and loaded in any situation.   DIMENSIONS Main Compartment - 7” H x 9.5” L x 3” D Mag pocket - 8” x 9.5” Total Capacity - 200 cubic inch / 3 liter t..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 56177
Built from ruggedized Nylon for superior resilience in any climate or environment, the RUSH Delivery Lima features a quick-draw compartment that provides accelerated access to a covert sidearm, a padded laptop sleeve to protect sensitive electronics, a quick-access admin panel keeps your keys, busin..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 58602
Purpose Built The RUSH 72 is engineered to be a full featured 72 hour bag that provides ample space for gear and accessories while remaining rugged and reliable enough for extended excursions or tactical deployments. Highly resilient, water repellent 1000D nylon construction keeps your gear safe an..
Brand: Anorak
Product Code: BA.,1.5.7
Model “TITANIUM® - SHIELD” carrier with “SP.3A.301” soft armor panel Code BA.,1.5 Level of Protection IIIA++ acc. to NIJ 0101.04 STD Certificate By accredited laboratory AITEX Weight Approximately 2.35 kg in size Large Protection area 0.33m² in size Large ..
Brand: Magpul
Product Code: MAG779
Like our original Tejas gunbelt, this full grain outer layer is backed by a supportive but flexible reinforced polymer. Cut to a narrower 1-1/4” width and just slightly thinner overall, it maintains the gun belt rigidity and gives you dress belt looks and comfort. Proudly made in Texas, it’s not ju..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 56167
Dual main compartments offer a 180 degree opening for easy access, loop patches at the sides and top allow you to affix a nametag or ID, and pass-through slots allow you to store longer implements like breaching tools or a baton. The generous three-surface web platform is MOLLE/SlickStick system® co..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 56963
RUSH MOAB™ 6 SLING PACK 11L DETAILSPart of the RUSH Backpack series, the MOAB is a fully ambidextrous, high-performance sling pack loaded with tactical CCW utility. Featuring a covert pocket at the rear sized for a sidearm, a coms pocket at the shoulder, fleece-lined sunglasses pocket, a pocket buil..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 74462
FAST-TAC™ TDU™ PANT DETAILS 5.11's® latest innovation comes to one of our most heavily used pants, the TDU™. Fast-Tac™ use a lightweight (4.7 oz.) polyester ripstop fabric with water resistance for the ultimate in lightweight, tactical functionality.  Built from 4.7 oz. Fast-Tac™ Polyester Ripst..
Product Code: F101
FEATURES F101 is a multi-function survival light which can be mounted on helmet . It is mainly used to identify and locate in law enforcement, military operations and training such as MFF, maritime, patrol or search and rescue operations. Colors: Black / Brown Output: Green(Constant) / White(Fl..
Brand: 5.11 Tactical
Product Code: 56037
Initially designed as a quick deployment solution or as a last minute bail-out bag from a vehicle, the 5.11 PUSH Pack is also prized by frequent travelers who need a reliable, lightweight carryall. The PUSH Pack features a roomy main compartment, two expandable side compartments, a Backup Belt Syste..
Brand: Wilcox
Product Code: 61300G16
The AN/PVS-14 binocular bridge provides versatility allowing the end user to wear a PVS-14 as a monocular or add a second PVS-14 or a thermal for binocular needs. Offered in a dovetail shoe or horn interface, the PVS-14 binocular bridge fits securely into our G24 or G11 mount allowing the binocular ..
Brand: Surefire
Product Code: 084871315197
Your hearing health should never be ignored. SureFire EP4 Sonic Defender Plus will protect your hearing against Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) without compromising your ability to hear routine sounds or conversations in noisy environments. Their triple-flanged-stem provides a Noise Reduction Rati..
Brand: Anorak
Product Code: BA.,1.5-i
Ballistic vest "TITANIUM® - INSTRUCTOR I" has been ergonomically designed to provide maximum level IIIA ++ protection according to NIJ 0101.04 STD, an ideal choice for the staff of educational departments of the Police, the Coast Guard and the Armed Forces. The ballistic panel is hybrid, having bee..
Brand: Galvion
Product Code: 014-436
NERV CENTR SOLOPACK BATTERY is a low-profile, rechargeable lithium ion battery that packs the energy needed for a 12 hour mission. Weighing approximately a pound, the battery is small enough to fit in a magazine pouch. The rugged SoloPack is designed to plug-and-play, offering a high power density t..
Brand: Anorak
Product Code: BA.
The three-point “RETAINING SYSTEM” has been designed to have ergonomic features in order to ensure the stability of the vest on the body. It adjusts to the internal front and back side of the carrier with hook and loop fasteners and it is made of Coolmax® fabric for greater comfort.   Model..
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