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Hera Arms

The company Hera GmbH was founded in Lower Franconia in 2008. The production started with innovative shank conversions for the SL8 and the USC. From the experience of these shafts of the Triarii was developed, which forms through its high variability and compatibility, the current culmination of pistol stocks. Today Hera Arms offers complete rifles all the way down to individual system components for various platforms
Brand: Hera Arms
Product Code: HERA-TRIARII
The name Triarii refers to the now third shaft model of HERA and is inspired by the Roman elite unit "Triarier". The Triarii allows pistols to transform into accurate CQB/CQC assault rifles in less than 4 seconds – just drop in, slide, lock and go without any modifications. Deployed by Spec-Op..
Brand: Hera Arms
Product Code: HERA-ARMS-SFU
SFU - HERA-ARMS new professionally built Side Folding Unit  that has gained its popularity through the Triarii pistol system and through various Law Enforcement Agencies and customer requests worldwide. Features: Slim line Professional Locking system Heavy Duty Constructed from high speed CNC..
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