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GECO has epitomised innovative development and growth since the company was founded by Gustav Genschow back in 1887.  What began as a wholesaler for firearms and ammunition quickly evolved into a flourishing business. Today, GECO ammunition is manufactured according to the strictest quality controls at sites in Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and Hungary.

Brand: GECO
Product Code: 2317561
item no: 2317561Bullet type: FMJBullet Weight: 3.6 g / 55 grBarrell Length: 600 mm / 23.62 inBallistic Coefficient: 0.275Caliber: .223 Rem.Unit size: 50Lead: YesRecoil: Very Light VelocityV0 [m/s]1010V50 [m/s]948V100 [m/s]889V150 [m/s]932V200 [m/s]778V250 [m/s]726V300 [m/s]676EnergyE0 [J]1837E5..
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