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Shield Sights

SHIELD was formed in the early 1980’s in Great Britain. They have a proven track record in providing SF Advanced Shooting Training and in developing innovative products, including: Specialist suppressed weapons for Special Forces Suppressor and folding stock for Accuracy International British Army sniper rifle Electronic target systems Range Construction 30 Years on, they are now one of the leading providers passionate about rapid target acquisition and engagement, SHIELD continues to design, implement and manufacture products that enable our shooters to “Hit the Target Earlier”
Brand: Shield Sights
Product Code: RMS2-GLASS-4MOA
The RMSc is the ORIGINAL compact mini sight for slimline pistols. So popular, that gun companies have built guns around it.The latest to the arsenal is the Glock43x and G48.We’ve teamed up with Glock to create a special Glass Edition of our RMSc.This has and all new scratch resistant ultra clear&nbs..
Brand: Shield Sights
Product Code: SMSc-4MOA
The Shield Mini Sight Compact (SMSc) is an all new version of our RMSc built for Everyday Carry and singlestack pistols. The SMSc is built in a nylon glass filled polymer and has an option of a New Si02 Quartz hard coating or Glass Lens for extra resilience to the daily wear and tear of shooting.Its..
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