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APEX Tactical

Apex Tactical Specialties Inc is a design, development and manufacturing firm specializing in aftermarket pistol triggers. Based on our collective backgrounds in Gunsmithing, Shooting, Engineering and Manufacturing, Apex is the leader in Aftermarket Pistol triggers and other accessories for the modern service pistol
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 116-115
DetailsThe Action Enhancement Kit for CZ P-10 pistols features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger paired with an Apex Performance Disconnector and an Apex Slide Cover Plate. The kit offers two trigger pull options depending on which disconnector is installed.When using the Apex Performance Disconne..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 115-112
DetailsThe Action Enhancement Trigger for the Hellcat pistols is the easiest, quickest upgrade you can do to the trigger system that significantly improves the feel of the trigger pull, without reducing factory safety values. When properly installed, this drop-in trigger will:  Reduce trigger p..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 102-111
If you are leaving the stock trigger behind, then this is the kit you need in your Gen 5 Glock. The Action Enhancement Kit features the Apex Action Enhancement Trigger with trigger bar and an Apex Performance Connector. Together, these drop-in parts will:Reduces trigger pull weight by approxima..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 112-031
Utilizing the patented Apex Forward Set Trigger Bar, the Forward Set Trigger Kit for the Sig P320 delivers a major upgrade in trigger pull performance. When properly installed, this kit will: Reduce trigger pull weight by approx. 30%Reduce trigger travel approx. 30%Reduce reset approx. 20%Smoot..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 119-125-C
DetailsApex originated the drop-in trigger kit for the FN 509. The patent-pending design of the Action Enhancement Trigger Kit for the FN 509 (with Flat-Faced Trigger) makes a huge difference in the trigger pull characteristics and immediately became a must-have for 509 owners. When installed, this ..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 116-141
The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the CZ Shadow 2 pistol is designed to reduce the large difference in trigger pull weight that exists between the double-action first shot and the subsequent single-action shots to approximately 2 pounds. The hammer and sear have matching Apex engineered single-act..
Brand: APEX Tactical
Product Code: 102-113
Each Apex Tactical Action Enhancement Trigger Kit ships with a trigger body, Performance Connecter and an Ultimate Safety Plunger. However, this particular kit does not ship with a trigger bar, so consumers will have to mount this Apex trigger body onto the OEM trigger bar.The new trigger, connecter..
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