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Shield Arms S15 MAGAZINE GEN 2 for the Glock 43X/48

Shield Arms S15 MAGAZINE GEN 2 for the Glock 43X/48
Shield Arms S15 MAGAZINE GEN 2 for the Glock 43X/48
Shield Arms S15 MAGAZINE GEN 2 for the Glock 43X/48

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* This Product requires special licensing

The S15 magazine is a patent-pending, flush-fitting 15 round magazine for the Glock® 43X and Glock® 48. The S15 is a steel magazine, and is the same length as the OEM Glock® 10 round magazine, but holds an additional 5 rounds.


Increased Capacity, Same Reliability

Glock® pistols and magazines are known for reliability - the S15 maintains that same Glock® reliability, while giving you a 50% increase in magazine capacity in the same overall footprint.

We accomplished this increased capacity with our patent-pending magazine geometry, allowing the rounds to stagger, thereby fitting more in the same amount of space.

Proudly made in the USA by Check-Mate.


Gen 2 Improvements

What changed with the gen 2 magazine? We made the following improvements:

  • Ambidextrous - mag catch cutout on both the left and right side
  • Smaller mag catch cutout windows
  • Improved magazine tube geometry
  • Improved baseplate geometry


Mag Catch Recommendation

We recommend swapping out your plastic OEM mag catch with our steel mag catch. If you don't swap your mag catch you may have reliability issuesIf you use another manufacturer's mag catch you may have reliability issues. Gen 2 magazines were designed to work with the Shield Arms steel mag catch.



  • 15 round capacity
  • Same length as an OEM Glock 43X/48 magazine
  • Easy to remove, impact resistant base pad
  • High lubricity finish, Black Oxide coating
  • Made in the USA
  • Patent-pending


Finish Options

S15 magazines currently come standard with a Black Oxide coating. Black Oxide offers only minimal corrosion resistance, so we recommend that you wipe down the exterior of the magazine with your favorite gun lubricant to prevent corrosion.


DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by GLOCK. GLOCK does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with GLOCK pistols.

Product Specs
Ammo Capacity 15 Rounds
Caliber 9x19mm
Color Black
Upgrade For Glock

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Shield Arms

Shield Arms was founded in 2017 by Brandon Zeider and Seth Berglee with the goal of providing innovation and value to their customers. From their patented folding lower receiver, to their patent-pending S15 magazine for the Glock 43X/48, thiey are driven by innovation. Shield Arms creates products that provide real capabilities to customers.

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